About me

Texan living in CT. Mompreneur. Happily married. Wrangler of 3 boys & 5 fur babies. Information Junkie. Volleyball and Robotics are Life. Aging Gracefully. I believe in being happy, spreading kindness and doing the right thing even if it’s not the most popular choice.

Lipstick and Coffee Klatch is my little cornacpia of wonder. Sharing everthing that makes me, me.

  • My weighloss journey with Weight Watchers
  • The insanity of planning vacations (I obsess with the miniscule)
  • My obsession with skin care…cause it’s awesome
  • Plus everthing else my ADD mind thinks of

I have a passion for the direct sales and all of its’ glorious possibilities. Proud Avon Independent Sales Representative & Country Scents Candles Consultant.

Be your own kind of beautiful!