Exfoliation is Your Friend

Have you noticed that men tend to age better than women? I used to think it was hormone-related. I am really not so sure that is the case. Think about it, while we gently tug, press and pat our face overtime to ready ourselves for the day they merely shave. What is shaving? Exfoliation.

You have heard of the chemical peel and it sounds much more painful than it is. But, what if you could get the benefits of that chemical peel at home and reduce the wrinkles that are on your skin? Now you can.

There are countless ways that this can benefit you, in fact. If you are not including a daily regimen of natural and soothing cleansers, do that first. Then, consider adding in an exfoliating product, too. When you do this, you improve the overall quality of your skin, giving you a really great looking beauty.

Before you start to consider at-home exfoliating products you should examine your cleansing method. You should be cleansing your face each day and night. What you don’t want to do is to use hand soaps or soap bars to wash your face. These products remove way too much of the all-important natural oils on your face, leaving it dry and even cracked.  You don’t have to a high-priced cleansing regimen that is gentle to your skin. For over 20 years I have used Cetaphil. It is a non-drying, mild, soap-free formula and it won’t strip skin of its natural protective oils or emollients. If you are skincare obsessed like me then Dr. Perricone is no stranger. He recommended Cetaphil in one of his first books.  

Retexturizing Peel by Avon

Good cleanser? Check. Then, exfoliate. This is a process that simply removes the very top layer of skin on your face easily, mildly and really without pain. It also helps to remove the dead skin cells there, as well. When it does this, it will safely stimulate your skin to do something about the need to replace this skin. When new skin grows back in place of what you removed, it is younger looking and much more healthy. In fact, it is less wrinkled, too.

There are a few products that I use regularly and recommend. I first started using glycolic pads when my dermatilogist recommended them. Her prefferd brand is 

When it comes to improving the quality of your skin, you daily washing is essential. Make this the time to splurge a little on you. Invest in a quality product that is capable of providing you with the help you need. Exfoliating is also a key factor. Do these things and improve wrinkles



Sun Alert: Prior to sun exposure, cover areas to which the product has been applied with sunscreen.